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What is my IP address?

An IP address is a unique address that identifies a computer within a computer network which is connected to the internet. An IP address does not always have to be unique per computer, but can also be unique for the network of the internet provider.

An IP address consists of 4 numbers, which are divided by points. For instance, is an IP address. In order to safeguard and protect a website, it may be necessary to set up an IP address in a whitelist, so only IP addresses that are on this list can gain access to the website. To request the details of their own IP address, webmasters often use online "what's my IP" tools.

Whenever someone visits a website, the IP address of the visitor is always passed on to the web server. This is located in the CGI variable REMOTE_ADDR and can be used by the webmaster to protect certain parts of the website, such as for instance the admin pages of a website.

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